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further hampered by the fact that in organising
his young people he has had to turn their minds
and capacities from creative work to systematic
violence and militant activities. It is easy to
make an unemployed young man into a Fascist
or gangster, but it is hard to turn him back to
any decent social task. Moreover the Champion's
own leadership was largely due to his con-
spiratorial and adventurous quality. He is
himself unfit for a creative job. He finds himself
a fighter at the head of a fighting pack.
And furthermore, unless his country is on the
scale of Russia and the United States, whatever
he attempts in order to make good his promises
of an abundant life, has to be done in face of
that mutual pressure of the sovereign states
due to the abolition of distance and change of
scale which we have already considered. He has
no elbow-room in which to operate. The resul-
tant of these convergent difficulties is to turn
him and his fighting pack relentlessly towards
the simplifying, liberating and releasing flux of
predatory war.
Everywhere in the world, under varying local
circumstances, we see governments primarily
concerned with this supreme problem of what to
do with these young adults who are unemployable
under present conditions. We have to realise